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4 page paper 24

TOPIC 1 – TWO-page paper that explains the link between approaches to corporate governance and IT Leadership effectiveness.

Writing style

1. Abstract –

2. Background (describes/includes)- What am i researching, what area i am covering/focusing etc (basically set up of the paper).

3. Issues (describes/includes) – What i read, what’s going on, concern etc.

4. Insights and implications (describes/includes) – Why it is significant, what have we learned from it, how to solve the problems, what will happen if it’s not solved etc.

5. Conclusion

6. References

TOPIC 2 – TWO page paper, Research and describe an organization that you believe best represents the leadership qualities and aspirations along with your rationale for selecting them. Search for organization(s) that appears to best display the following: IT strategy (Governance), And IT leadership (Cost vs. Value and Managing Projects).

Writing format –

1. Introduction 2. Issues 3. Insights and implications. 4. references

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