eco 301 managerial economics 1

Submit the results of your regression analysis for the demand function you are estimating for your term project. Include:

The data used to estimate the demand model

The results of the analysis, an analysis of the results

Description of remaining issue that needs to be addressed before the final paper is submitted.

Using your inventory of data collected, you will estimate and perform various analyses which will lead you to an evaluation. At the conclusion of your analysis you will address how this example can inform other real-world decision making in other organizations as well as your own decision-making and management skills.

Statistical Analysis and Tests

1. Evaluate Adj R 2 .

2. Each variable (independent variables have to be tested by using t-test, so as to see whether each of the variables (exogenous or independent) that you have include in the function has an effect on the dependent variable (left hand side).

3. For t-test, the following steps should be followed: (i) H0: β0 = 0 (Null hypothesis) HA: β0  0 (Alternate hypothesis) If t calculated > t table value (n-k) degrees of freedom where: n = # of observations k = # of parameters, i.e. # of right hand side variables plus the constant then H0 is rejected, i.e. the variable you are testing has an effect on the dependent variable.

4. Do F-test, by following these steps: (i) H0: β0 = β1 = β2 = 0 (Null hypothesis) HA: At least one β is not equal to zero (Alternate hypothesis) (ii) If F calculated > F table value Then H0 is rejected, i.e. all the right-hand-side variables are important.

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safe harbor provisions under hipaa

Write an essay of at least 500 words discussing the Safe Harbor provisions under HIPAA.

This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign. Use the five paragraph format. Each paragraph must have at least five sentences. Include 3 quotes with quotation marks and cited in-line and in a list of references. Include an interesting meaninful title.

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help with essay 52

  • The length of the reflection is to be within three to six pages excluding title page and reference pages.
  • “Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision making in the provision of high-quality nursing care, healthcare team coordination, and the oversight and accountability for care delivery in a variety of settings.
  • Demonstrate leadership and communication skills to effectively implement patient safety and quality improvement initiatives within the context of the interprofessional team.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of complex organizational systems.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of organizational structure, mission, vision, philosophy, and values.
  • Participate in quality and patient safety initiatives, recognizing that these are complex system issues, which involve individuals, families, groups, communities, populations, and other members of the healthcare team.
  • Apply concepts of quality and safety using structure, process, and outcome measures to identify clinical questions and describe the process of changing current practice.
  • Promote factors that create a culture of safety and caring.
  • Promote achievement of safe and quality outcomes of care for diverse populations.
  • Apply quality improvement processes to effectively implement patient safety initiatives and monitor performance measures, including nurse­-sensitive indicators in the microsystem of care.
  • Use improvement methods, based on data from the outcomes of care processes, to design and test changes to continuously improve the quality and safety of health care.
  • Employ principles of quality improvement, healthcare policy, and cost-­effectiveness to assist in the development and initiation of effective plans for the microsystem and/or system­wide practice improvements that will improve the quality of healthcare delivery.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of imaginative and creative strategies to enable systems to change.” (AACN, 2008, p.14).
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compare and contrast essay 57

Compare and contrast writing analyzes similarities and differences. The essay will be 3-4 pages, double-spaced in 12pt font, have a clear thesis, introduction, body, and conclusion. Descriptions will be supported with examples, testimony, and quotes, using APA format (for both format and citations). The essay will be graded with the Dialogues Written Communication Grading Rubric.

For this essay, students will compare and contrast Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech and Malcolm X’s “The ballot or the bullet” speech. In your essays, students must address the following points and questions:

  • According to these two speeches, what beliefs do King and Malcom X share? What problems do they think exist for black Americans in the 1960s?
  • What major differences exist in their attitudes towards white people, as articulated in these speeches? In addressing this question, you should discuss Malcolm X’s account of Black Nationalism.
  • In these speeches, both men demonstrate a concern for achieving freedom for black Americans. Do they disagree about how to achieve this freedom? In what ways?

With the exception of the historical and biographical information available in the iBook, students should concentrate primarily on the speeches themselves (which are available on Canvas, in the “Civil Rights in America” module) and refer to specific passages in these speeches:

Essays that do not refer directly to these primary sources or that primarily use other sources (such as internet sources) will not receive credit for the “content area” criterion of the rubric.

Use the following references for the two speeches:

King, M.L., Jr. (1963, August 28). I have a dream. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute, Stanford University. Retrieved from

Malcolm X. (1964). The ballot or the bullet. American RadioWorks. Retrieved from

When using in-text citations for these sources, you can refer to paragraph numbers instead of page numbers. For example, cite King’s speech as (King, 1963, para. 6) or Malcom X’s speech as (Malcolm X, 1964, para. 10), where you will substitute the correct paragraph number.

iBook: Justice & Civic Life 100

Lynn University

Lynn University

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discussion and replies 16

Constructivism Video Analysis

55 unread replies.55 replies.

Constructivist Teaching in Action: A High School Classroom Debate (Links to an external site.)

Click on the video link above. After watching the video, respond to the prompt below by the due date. You will also be responsible for participating in two threads other than your own by responding to the posts of two other participants.

Discussion Prompt: Identify elements of the constructivist approach to instruction illustrated in the lesson. Please address elements of constructivist philosophy, as well as specific aspects related to students, curriculum, and instruction. Suggested length is a response approximately equivalent to 100-200 words.

reply 1:

In the video, the students were instructed to answer different questions in their group to then come up with one argument. Once they’ve discussed it with their group members, they were able to come back together as a class and talk about it more. The teacher allowed the students to talk to each other and help each by having them work in groups. The teacher was also activity involved because after they discussed with their group they came back together as a class. The students were given the opportunity to use their own thoughts and understanding to answer and debate these different questions. The class was actively involved in learning because they were able to discuss their thoughts and able to compare it to other classmates. One of the questions that the students was asked was to find the main idea. This is an open-ended question so that allowed students to voice their opinions on what could be the answer. And it also allowed them to explain using their experiences and knowledge on why their answer is correct.

reply 2:

Many elements of constructivist philosophy were demonstrated in this video. The teacher clearly used group work to promote interaction, and she used open-ended discussions. All students were put in cognitively active roles. As the students debated, she was able to evaluate their grasp of understanding.

The teacher gave clear directions, such as time limit, and she asked open-ended questions that caused each team to carefully evaluate the material she’d previously taught, and to form a cohesive answer. She stated that her goals in this exercise was 1.) for students to have a clear grasp of the topic being taught, and 2.) for her to see what type of mastery they possessed. She is very active in teaching the class, but the majority of the class time was provided to the students’ discussions.

As the students physically moved their desks together into something like a ‘huddle,’ their ’embodied cognition’ was enhanced. The students seemed to be very positive in their interactions with each other, and eager to participate.

The teacher had to provide sources from which their information was gathered, or they would go “awry” and misconceptions could be reinforced. The use of the debate was an effective tool in helping students discuss not only the facts being taught, but also the cause and effect of those facts, and how to defend a particular point.

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peer review 238

Hello friend The assignment is a pre-review for a paper you will have to give feedback to the paper of how it is written and the structure of the essay there is going to be a rule break will show you how to grade it as well as the example the essay itself called ( Mac draft ) What are the assignments all based on you’ll have to get a feedback to this paper

There’s going to be a skeleton draft as well as our direction on a rubric on a report and a figure for the APA seventh format

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python mysql exercise

Create a Python application of your choice. Your website must:

  1. Use Python as server side script language.
  2. Interact with backend database that you created.
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universal print systems case study

Case #7: Universal Print Systems

– What is the role of the operations function in strategic planning at UPSL?

– What is UPSL’s current operational functionality and capability?

– What are UPSL’s key success factors?

– Considering the stated options, what is UPSL’s best operations strategy fit?

***** Use the case below to answer all four questions thoroughly

***** All case write ups shall be written using Ariel font, double-spaced, 11 pt. font, normal margins. Individual write-ups shall be a maximum of 3 pages, not including any charts, graphs, etc.

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macroeconomy quiz 2

Consider the production model of chapter 4. As we discussed in class, it is a general equilibrium model. Please discuss in no more than 6 lines i) what general equilibrium means? and, ii) why do you think is important?

Differences in the productivity parameter (A) across countries turns out to be very important to explain cross-country differences un GDP per capita. However, they are more important if you consider the Solow model than if you consider the production model of Chapter 4. Why is that the case? Explain in no more than 5 lines providing economic intuition.


You are asked to make comparisons of two pairs of countries. The first pair is the Latin American countries of Chile and Argentina; the second pair is France and Germany. You are given the following information: the average saving rate in Argentina is 13.4 percent, in Chile it is 21.3 percent, in France it is 22 percent, and in Germany, 20.3 percent.

  1. Assuming the countries are identical in every other way, which country would the Solow model predict to have the higher per capita real GDP between Chile and Argentina and; France and Germany?
  2. However, you go to the data and find out the real per capita GDP in each of the countries are $16,500 (Argentina), $21,548 (Chile), $31,446 (France), and $33,181 (Germany). Please interpret your results of part a) in light if the new information given to you.


As discussed in class, the experience of countries like South Korea or Singapore can be considered as economic miracles. They were relatively poor and then after a period of very rapid economic growth they joined the group of rich countries. Use the Solow growth model with its diagrams by changing one of its parameters to describe such an experience of transiting from being poor to rich by growing fast. Please justify the choice of the parameter you choose to change by using your economic intuition and what we discussed in class about the economic reforms that took place on such coun-tries.

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community health nursing 26


Identify an older adult age 65 +, use a 1st and last initial. Execute a therapeutic assessment interview with them for at least two interview sessions assessing their self-identified:

  • Demographics, life time education and career/employment
  • Two most significant (positive) times in their lives
  • What past hardship or loss has the client successfully negotiated in the past?
  • Two personal strengths
  • Engage them in identifying what is healthy versus non-healthy coping skills
    • Inquire of 2 healthy coping skills they have used in the past and/or now
  • Three (3) pieces of advice they would give to their younger self if they could?
  • Support the client in taking the Geriatric Depression Scale.pdf
  • Support the client in taking the Fulmer SPICES Assessment.pdf
  • Perform a Mini Mental State Exam.pdf and Patient_Stress_Questionnaire.pdf (attach here)
  • Perform a Hall, Hall, and Chapman Article.pdf
  • Report the findings from the Geriatric Depression Scale, Fulmer Spices, Patient stress questionnaire and the mini mental status exam
  • Discuss your older adult’s level of ego integrity vs. despair as described by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson. If you had to rate them on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing a full state of despair and 10 representing full ego integrity, what rating would you give your older adult?
  • Describe at least two nursing diagnoses for this client.
  • Create a plan of care for the client to include at least three nursing goals with two nursing interventions each.

The assignment should be written in an APA-formatted essay. The essay should be at least 1500 words in length and include at least two scholarly sources other than provided materials.

Record the time you spend interviewing the client and writing the assessment report as practice experience hours in Project Concert as ‘Older Adult Interview’ for Module 2. (Discussion Board work does not apply). It is expected to take you between 2-4 hours. Access Project Concert. Minimum required hours must be entered into Project Concert for Module 2. Some states/entities require hour logs for certification or employment. It is the student’s professional responsibility to ensure all hours are entered correctly in order to meet these requirements. Please see the Project Concert directions document in the Learning Materials on how to enter hours.

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