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your choice of film on social psychology


(1.5 spacing Not single and Not double)

For this paper, you will watch a film and analyze it from the social psychological perspective.

First, pick a film you would like to analyze and watch it. After watching your film, you will need

to identify THREE specific concepts from class that are illustrated in this film. (Specific

concepts means something more than just “attitudes” or “prejudice”. For example, if you

wanted to discuss a concept associated with attitudes, you could discuss the disconnect

between attitudes and behaviors, the experience of cognitive dissonance, or sources of


In your paper, you need to clearly explain your three concepts and how they can be seen in the

movie. You will need to provide a specific description of how the concept is conveyed. For

example, if it is part of the plot explain how. If it is part of the character development, behavior

in a scene, evident in dialogue or something else explain how the concept is illustrated. Lastly,

you will need to assess whether or not the film portrays social psychology accurately – here it is

helpful to think of some of the experiments we talked about in class. Do the experimental

findings support the depiction of your social psychological concepts in the film?

Almost any film will work for this assignment, but only some can be used.

  • Your film should be fiction, and therefore cannot be a documentary or one based on
  • true events.

  • Additionally, you MAY NOT use the following films for this assignment:
  • o 12 Angry Men, American History X, Fight Club, Shrek, The Breakfast Club or

    Mean Girls

  • If you disregard this direction, you will get a 0 on your final paper, no exceptions.
  • General details:

    Your paper should be roughly 4-5 typed pages, assuming regular font-size, margin and 1.5

    spacing. Please focus more on content than length – make sure that you include and explain all

    of the relevant mater

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