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write a pseudepigraphy essay in the name of paul

For this assignment you are to imagine that you are writing a letter in the name of Paul to a specific church/community to address specific situations/concerns. The letter itself should be about 750-1000 words, followed by a 500-750 word rationale (at least 1500 words total). In the rationale you should explain the location and makeup of the community to which you are writing, the issue they are facing, and why you responded in the way that you did. Remember that you are writing this in the name of Paul, so your letter should reflect Paul’s language, theology, style. etc. You may diverge from Paul’s thought on certain issues, but be sure to address that (e.g. “I wrote to you in a previous letter that Gentiles should not be circumcised, but…”). Therefore, your letter should use language characteristic of Paul and your rationale should articulate what makes your response “Pauline.” Be sure to deal with ancient issues rather than modern (i.e. don’t write in the name of Paul to the First Baptist Church of Orlando).

Attached is a video of my professor explaining the essay more in detail.…

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