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write a paragraph about 500 700 words in length based on a lecture video

Prompt2 (guest lecture): In “Programmed Inequality,” Mar Hicks explains the history ofcomputing in ways that might surprise people in the present-day. What is one thing that Hickstalked about that you didn’t know before? For example, think about the kinds of people who didcomputer work and how that work was imagined. Why is your new perspective important?

Also answer should include those questions:

While you read, pay attention to:

1.In what ways do earlier ideas about coding as “unskilled,” low-value women’s work differ fromhow we think about coding today?

2.How does the idea of institutional discrimination play out in the story Hicks’ tells?

Watch from here:

500 to 700 words in total in one paragraph(this is not an essay, no need in an essay format)

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