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write a one page outline on a persuasive speech

This outline is about taking some type of persuasive action on a topic

1. Send a completed outline.

2. Add your references inside of the outline and add a reference page.

3. Be sure to have a clear persuasive statement in your introduction: In this speech I will persuade you to …..

4. Add the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in your outline.

5. Use the book outline, in the Persuasive Chapter, as a reference guide or use the internet.

I will review and send you feedback. If you are missing any parts, I will request the your resubmit for points.

This assignment is worth points.

Please post your full sentence outline. Use the outline in the persuasive chapter of the book to follow.

  • Be sure your outline follows Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.
  • Be sure it include 3 References and include a Works Cited Page with your outline.
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