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Varenicline Controversy Research Paper

Varenicline Controversy Research Paper


Chantix, or Varenicline, is a medication used to assist patients who wish to stop smoking. Unfortunately, this medication has some serious side effects. Many people have struggled with behavior changes such as depression, hostility, agitation, and suicidal thoughts (PubMed, 2011). These side effects are controversial as it is not certain whether Chantix causes these symptoms or if it is nicotine withdrawal that causes these symptoms (PubMed, 2011). In addition, these symptoms occur in people who have never had mental health problems as well as worsening symptoms in people who have already been diagnosed with mental health issues (PubMed, 2011).Varenicline Controversy Research Paper


Another controversy regarding Chantix is that it only helps about one in eight people stop smoking (PubMed, 2008). This leads health care providers to ask if the risks outweigh the benefits. In addition to the potential changes in mental health, other side effects exist. Further side effects include nausea, heartburn, headache, swelling in the body, rash, mouth blisters, sweating, and weakness in the extremities (PubMed, 2011).

In an effort to support patients in their effort to quit smoking, I will encourage patients to keep their follow up appointments with their doctor (PubMed, 2011). This will also allow doctors and nurses to monitor any negative effects of Chantix on the patients. The manufacturers of Chantix have an online support program called GETQUIT that patients can use for emotional support (Chantix, 2011).Varenicline Controversy Research Paper

In conclusion, with patient education and patient support, Chantix may be what is necessary to help certain people quit smoking.Varenicline Controversy Research Paper

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