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tax planning assignment review this client situation answer the 10 qs related and prepare at least 6 recommendations you would give as their financial planner

The Tax Planning Assignment PDF is going to be ATTACHED BELOW with all the requirements listed. In sum you will need to:

Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in giving financial planning recommendations to clients, as well as think through their tax planning and estate planning issues and opportunities.

Tasks: Review this client situation, and complete the following two items:
1. Answer the 10 questions related to this assignment (ATTACHED BELOW).
2. Prepare at least 6 recommendations that you would give them, as their financial planner. You can use the Financial Plan Summary as a template for your own recommendations (ATTACHED BELOW). There must be at least 1 tax planning recommendation, and 1 estate planning recommendation. There aren’t any right/wrong answers, so long as you can explain your thinking and rationale.

Resources: –

Use Form 1040 as a guide to help you understand and answer some of these questions:

-I have also provided sample financial plans (ATTACHED BELOW) that I have created for clients in the past. You can use that to get a feel for how I make recommendations. However, every financial planner is different, so feel free to form the recommendations to your preference.

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