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Storage And Processing Research Proposal Essay.

Storage And Processing Research Proposal Essay.


For the past ten years, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) storage system has been adopted in many medical institutions based on the fact that this has been found to be the safest and most reliable way of storing patients’ information and data within hospital institutions. This is based on the fact that it serves as back-up in case the patients loose their own original copies as a result of accidents for example a fire, and also based on the fact that it is easier to retrieve the information from the hospital’s database in case the patient’s case needs to be reviewed. According to Health Information technology report and findings, the United States uses an approximated amount of $81 billion annually on Electronic Medical research and data storage implementation (Monegain Para 12).Storage And Processing Research Proposal Essay.


For this reason therefore, as the hospital’s consultant, it is advisable to install Web Exclusives software. This is an E-health data storage software that has initiated a green data storage initiative that was has in fact been applied in Oregon Hospital since 2005. This software for database storage will be implemented in the private patients’ wing and the most advantageous thing about it is that it can store unlimited number of files of whichever size. At St. Charles in Oregon for example the system has been found to save over $7.1 million since its implementation (James Para. 4).
In conclusion, it is evident that Web Exclusives has been one of the most efficient systems because it is fast and retrieval of data is not affected by the bulk (which is important especially in a large hospital) of the entire data stored in the database. Secondly, its maintenance does not pose any technical challenges and also the fact that it cannot be easily hacked makes it ideal for implementation.Storage And Processing Research Proposal Essay.

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