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Stereotypes Project

Stereotypes Project

This paper must be at least 2-3 pages typed (double-spaced, using standard font size and margins). 

1.  What are stereotypes?  Discuss this in one or two paragraphs.

2:  Choose any ONE group of people to investigate.  This group can be a minority group (i.e., women, elderly, people with disabilities, African Americans, Mexican Americans, gays/lesbians, etc.).  Other groups can be analyzed (white males in college, people with mental illness, beautiful women, etc.) as well.  Identify the group you will investigate.  Why did you choose this group?

3.  After selecting ONE group, examine mass media advertisements, movies, television shows, songs, music videos, news, jokes, etc.  How are members of this group presented?  Provide at least 5 different examples, but no more than 10, using a mix of sources (for example, do not provide a list of 10 blonde jokes). 

Create a table for this part of the assignment:

Column 1:  Source:  Advertiser, movie title, song title, show, etc.

Column 2:  Basic content of the ad, skit, plot—what the person is shown doing or saying?

Column 3:  the message given about this group—doesn’t have to be explicit.  This doesn’t mean that you see members of this group this way.

This table is intended to be a summary of your findings. 

4.  What stereotypes did you notice?  What do the findings mean?  Are there any patterns or consistent themes?  What are the (potential) consequences of these messages?  What are the consequences of stereotyping?

5.  What did you learn by completing this assignment? 

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