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short assignment 61

You are the Director of HR for a medium-sized law firm (100 attorneys plus staff) that specializes in criminal law (i.e. defending people accused of criminal offenses). Even though it is a medium-size law firm, up to this point, it has operated very informal regarding hiring procedures. However, the new head partner feels the need to develop a more formalized employment systems to ensure that it hires the most qualified candidates while ensuring compliance with (eeoc) employment requirements. Although this law firm prefers to hire candidates with some experience, it will hire anyone it considers to be a good candidate. Because the law firm is currently experiencing significant growth, it needs to hire anywhere between 8-10 new attorneys within the next 6 months. As the Director of HR, you have been asked to develop the following:

i) A professional job description.

(ii) A recruitment plan, including a detailed list of methods to be followed for recruiting, plans for interviewing, and selection criteria.

(iii) An orientation plan, i.e., a detailed plan for orienting the new staff member.

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