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ENVH 502 Assignment 3, March 16, 2020


You are a public health inspector working and living in the small Town of Concordia which has a population of approximately 25,000 people.The Town has 2 schools, one of which is kindergarten to Grade 6 and the second is a combined junior high – high school.The Town has approximately 10 restaurants that includes 2 fast-food restaurants and 2 restaurants/coffee shops in the local hotel.There are 2 grocery stores and 3 gas stations that sell limited foods (e.g. pop, chips, candy, coffee, etc.).The Town has a 50-bed hospital where 10 of the beds are long-care beds and there is a 50-unit seniors lodge.The Town also has the Provincial Courthouse, as well as a local RCMP detachment.There is a small industrial park on the north edge of the Town with about 20 industrial businesses (e.g. welding, light industrial manufacturing, oilfield supply, etc.).The Town has a local recreation fitness complex with an indoor gym, swimming pool, 4 meeting rooms for meetings and an outdoor water spray park and playground.

The Town’s high-quality drinking water is produced from two groundwater wells at the south edge of the town and is stored in an on-site reservoir operated and maintained by the Town’s water utility.The groundwater has been suspected to be possibly under the influence of a nearby local surface water body (i.e. groundwater is a GUDI raw water source), therefore water treatment is the same as for a surface raw water source (i.e. flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and finally chloramination before distribution to the treated water reservoir and out into the water distribution system to customers).The chlorine residual is in the form of chloramine which is typically about 2 ppm total chlorine leaving the water treatment plane and going into the water reservoir.The Town also operates a bulk water station or truck-fill, which is supplied by the Town’s treated drinking water supply.There is a small campground (20 fully serviced RV stalls and 25 camping stalls with serviced public washrooms (i.e. toilets, sinks, showers) and a small convenience store that sells basic canned and boxed non-perishable food, milk, pop, ice-cream, hot dogs, bread, etc.) just outside the Town, and where the campground receives it’s potable water from the Town via a distribution system line to the campground.

The Town’s water utility operators take weekly treated water samples at the water plant, the treated water reservoir and at key locations throughout the Town (i.e. local firehall, Town municipal offices, Town high school, bulk water station, the Town seniors recreation centre) than the minimum that would be required by the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water for a population of that size (i.e. minimum would be 4 samples per month).

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