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Running Head: Judicial System 1 JUS 261 Module 3 Milestone One: Judicial System

I. Judicial Systems
"\ Describe the hierarchical structure for federal, state, and local court systems. What is the primary role of each level? Explain the primary differences between the federal and state levels ofjudicial systems. Describe the importance in having these different levels.
Explain the subject matter jurisdiction for federal, state, and local courts. What impact does this have on the efficiency of court systems?
Distinguish which courtts] would have jurisdiction in this scenario? Defend your response.
Determine how venue is decidel upon. What are the implications of venue?
What would the venue be for this scenario? Defend why this venue is the most appropriate.
Ex.plain the applicable sentencing guidelines In the federal and state judicial systems forthis scenario. Defend your response.
H. Determine how sentencing guidelines impact the functionality of a court system. Defend your response.
II. Judicial Administration
"\ Analyze how federal, state, and local courts calendar and docket cases. Are these processes effective in promoting efficiency? Defend your
I – scribe how the calendaring and continuance of this scenario would be handled differently in the state system versus the federal system.
– end your response.
. entify the key role within federal and state judicial systems that most impacts process. How does this role aid in creating and maintaining an
Icient and effective judicial process?
I scribe the litigation process that would be used for this scenario at the state and federal levels.
plain the statute of limitations on charging and trying cases. Determine how statute of limitations could impact efficiency in the litigation
rocess of this case.
Determine the impact of venue on process efficiency in this scenario. Defend your response.
Explain how a four-month continuance affects the efficiency of any court under the circumstances presented in the scenario. Defend your
H. How would you balance the prosecutor and defense attorneys’ concerru regarding continuances in this scenario? Defend your response.
I. Review the discovery laws in federal court. Determine if the prosecution’s requested discovery delay violates the federal laws. Defend your
J. Would you grant the prosecution’s request [assuming that you granted the four—month continuance]? Defend your response. View the entire interaction

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