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Risk Management Strategies section (IV)


For Milestone Two, you will submit a draft of the Risk Analysis section (III) and the Risk Management Strategies section (IV) of the final project. You will analyze the different risks that the Home Depot Inc. and subsidiaries faces and the impact of these risks in regard to the company’s environment. Additionally, you will recommend risk management techniques that minimize the risk and maximize the return for the company.

III. Risk Analysis

a) What is a specific risk that you have identified as relevant to this company, its product(s), and its industry?

b) As which type of risk would you classify it? In other words, is it considered stand-alone, corporate, or market risk? Besure to defend your reasoning.

c) What do you feel is the impact of the risk with regard to the company’s external environment (i.e.,economic trends, regulatory landscape, and competition), as well as its internal environment (i.e.,people, process, and infrastructure)?

d) To what extent do you feel this risk can be effectively balanced with return? Be sure to justify your reasoning.

IV. Risk Management Strategies

a) What risk management technique do you feel would be most appropriately employed to minimize or mitigate the effect(s) of this risk? Why?

b) Similarly, what strategies might you suggest for maximizing return in the face of this identified risk? Why?

c) What recommendations would you make in terms of determining the effectiveness of these risk/return management measures over time? Be sure to justify your recommendations

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