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respond to two discussion posts about linux

1) Linux is an easy to use OS, that is versatile across multiple platforms. Linux is not bogged down by the same constraints windows has because not many people use Linux. Therefore as an OS it is safer to use, because hackers aren’t looking to target it. Fun fact about Linux it is actually the OS that powers the android operating system. The Linux OS is free and open source, meaning anyone can use it or alter it. Conflicts with the statement about being more secure, but since its not as widely used, most malware that is designed is not meant for Linux.

I have only ever used Windows or Mac, i haven’t worked with Linux real time. However i have worked with Linux in simulations, from my experience most of these simulated exercises had us working within the CLI. Apparently part of the reason Linux is popular in the corporate world is because of how well they work as servers and their support for the CLI interface makes them more powerful and easier to use than say Windows servers or Cisco servers.

Linux is interesting in that since you can alter it or change it, it gives the ability to aspiring programmers to learn the ropes of coding and also gives them the ability to practice their skills. I don’t have a lot of experience with Linux, but that is what i believe it does. Furthermore i find Linux to be the ignored middle child between Mac and Windows. Its weird, outside of IT. I don’t hear alot about it, people just don’t use it.

2) The Linux OS is widely used in industry for servers because of the small amount of processing data used on the servers in contrast to Windows systems. The ability to use a command line or terminal without a graphical interface frees up processing power. I haven’t worked with Linux outside of Testout in this class, and one previous class, I’m not a fan of Linux because I’m so accustomed to using the graphical interface. I find it a lot easier to click on pictures rather than remember all of the commands needed to make simple commands happen. I get the concept behind why Linux is becoming more widely used, but its not for me. When referring to servers, Windows does offer servers that don’t rely on a graphical interface. You can install a core installation without an interface or use a nano server. Now, even though Windows has these two solutions, I’m still not a fan of them. Open-source also plays a role in the spread of Linux. Its free to use. At the moment, There has been a lot of material covered. Some of the material has been pretty simple, but other portions of the material have required me to read and watch videos over again. Overall, I find all of it a challenge, and this is only the beginning.

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