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recycling on the bussiness place

PRIOR INNOVATIONS (successful and/or not successful): Explore prior innovations involving

your topic. Consider those that have proven successful, those that have yielded no results, and

even attempts that failed. Consider the negative impact of these failed attempts at innovation.

Consider the benefits of existing innovations, and explain why additional innovation is required.

You could consider an innovation that has worked well in an affluent area of the US (or another

country), and develop a low-cost, streamlined alternative that could be implemented in

economically disadvantaged communities (or countries)

Compare how big corporation in Miami are contrived to recycling, what are theirs plants what are they doing or not to improve the recycling on the city what do they need to do better that another city on the US is doing. What important corporations the country are doing to contribute with the recycling on the business place. What big companies form Miami need to do on the work place to change their system and input recycling.

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