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questions in enterprise subject need to be solved

– what are the processes for querying to provide the cash balance on a specific date? Explain in your own words.

– Explain what aspects of view integration may be easier with the ER grammar format than with the ER diagram format.

– In ABC enterprise, the Payroll cycle receives cash from the Financing cycle to pay employees’ labor and skills.
The financing cycle model includes a Cash funds entity with the attributes (cash account number, cash account type, account balance, account location), and the payroll cycle model includes a Cash entity that includes the attributes (cash account ID, account type, cash balance).
Explain, in steps, how ABC can integrate the payroll and the financing views to create the view integration.

– In the ABC enterprise scenario, Cash disbursement is an event in multiple cycles, where the cash disbursements are made to employees in the payroll cycle, to vendors in the acquisition/payment cycle, and to creditors in the financing cycle.
Explain the implementation compromise that ABC can follow to avoid null values when representing the relationships between the cash disbursement entity and the external agents.

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