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Project 2: Research Plan and Introduction

Project 2: Research Plan and Introduction

Derick Morrow

Southern New Hampshire University

                                                                   Research Plan                                      

Research Question:What are some of the environmental impacts on the natural resources around Oak Ridge, Tennessee with the development of the Atomic Bomb?

Secondary Sources:

[Harper, J. (2007). Secrets revealed, revelations concealed: A secret city confronts its environmental legacy. The George Washington University

Institute for Ethnographic Research, 80(1), 39–64. Retrieved from]

Historical Context: [3- to 5-sentence explanation of your event’s historical context, citing sources one and two]

Influence of Historical Context: [3- to 5-sentence discussion of how historical context influenced your event, citing sources one and two]

Primary Sources:

[Atomic Heritage Foundation & Los Alamos Historical Society. (n.d.). Voices of the Manhattan Project [Tape recordings]. Retrieved from]

Relate to Secondary Sources: [3- to 5-sentence explanation of how your primary sources relate to your secondary sources]

Add to Understanding:[3- to 5-sentence explanation of how your primary sources add to your understanding of the topic]


[3- to 5-sentence discussion of background information about your historical event to capture the interest of your audience] [2- to 3-sentence thesis statement based on your research question that addresses your historical event and explains how your event has been influenced by historical context] [2- to 3-sentence explanation of how you will use the primary and secondary sources you listed in the Research Plan in your hypothetical research paper]

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