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professional communication journal entry electronic communication 1

Please write 1 – 2 paragraphs about the following

Now that we are fully online, use this journal entry to write what your goals are to complete your work now that we are fully online. For example, based on Stein’s notations, how do you think you can build rapport with others even though this course is now online?

Once we restart our group project, how will you show your peers that you are present and not “hide” behind email?

How will you do this as a student?

And finally, as you are preparing for the professional workplace, how do you think technology is going to impact/and or will be used for professional communication in the workplace in the future, now that we have experienced the COVID-19 crisis? For example, do you think that there will be more trust, competency, and efficiency using technology to communicate after the crisis or do you think people will be placing MORE value on face-to-face discussion as a result of this crisis? Analyze and discuss.

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