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“Primary source types.

This is the things that need to be in my next assignment need help on lining it out and which one should I go with that best fits this description.

“Primary source types. Writing, artifacts, artwork, grave-sites, and even human remains are all historical records that allow us glimpses into the past. I need to find, select, and analyze primary sources. I have to select one of those primary sources and provide a scholarly analysis of it. A strong primary source analysis will include specific observations about the primary source used. It will describe the source and its origin, discuss its content, examine it in relation to its context, and offer questions for further investigation that the source might trigger.” Per Rubrics instructions. So do I need to put it in paragraph essay form? Thank you so much for help and advice.

This is what I have from my work that I am working from.

1.    “Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels.” Accessed May 6, 2019. Fossil Fuel Impact On Environment” Keyword Found Websites  (accessed May 07, 2019).

           This essay deals with the profound impact of fossil fuels on the environment. It talks about air pollution caused by fossil fuels. They cause problems for the water and can affect many water animals. It also affects human life.

2.    “Fossil Fuel and It is Impact on the Environment. Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering.” Last modified June 13, 2009.

           It will give some more specific details about fossil fuels. This one goes over global warming. It talks about solid wastes dumped and spilled onto the soil. It also affects changes in the ecosystem.

3.    “Fossil Fuels – Their Effect On The Environment – Renewable” ..,  (accessed May 22, 2019).

           This tells how by reducing fossil fuels and enlarging renewable sources will have a       profound impact on the environment. This talks about your carbon footprints. It also tells about how solar power will help the environment. Solar power helps human health.

4.    “How Can Metal Mining Impact the Environment?” American Geosciences Institute. Last modified January 29, 2019.

           This explains the overall mining effect on humans and the environment. It gives detail information on how it can affect the health of humans. This article tells about how it can affect them environmentally. It can also affect the animals living in around the area.

5.    “Environmental Impacts of Metal Ore Mining and Processing: A Review.” ResearchGate. Last modified February 1, 1987. Guo, Haipeng, Chuntao Hong, Xiaomin Chen, Yanxia Xu, Yan Liu, Dean Jiang, and Bingsong Zheng. 2016. “Different Growth and Physiological Responses to Cadmium of the Three Miscanthus Species.” PLoS One 11 (4): e0153475.

           It analyses deeply about the mining activities and their impact. It gives detail how they work the mining and what goes into it. They tell of how it can affect the environment. How much of the resources they are using. It also tells how much effect it will have on the economy.

6.    Bales, Kevin. “Modern Slavery is Destroying the Environment? to Meet Demand for Shrimps and Pet Food.” The Conversation. Last modified May 17, 2016.

           It discusses how slavery also plays its part in climate change. It tells a little about the history of slavery. The article touches on slavery in the modern day. It also includes previous slaves stories.

7.    Jiao JJ, et al. “Analytical Studies on the Impact of Land Reclamation on Ground-Water Flow. – PubMed – NCBI.” National Center for Biotechnology Information. Accessed May 6, 2019.  

           This is about land reclamation of groundwater flow and flooding. It talks about near coasts. The effects it is having on groundwater. It also includes some studies that were made in certain places.

8.    “Forest Industries and the Environment.” Newfoundland Heritage Web Site. Accessed May 6, 2019.

This article talks about Newfoundland and the forest and what the loggers are doing to it. It talks about how the logging works. It also includes what process it takes to those logs. It has the forestry act included. 

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