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Preventative Medicine Essay.

Preventative Medicine Essay.


Preventive Medicine

People visit their medical doctors when they are sick. People who visit wellness doctors visit them to prevent becoming sick.


A Wellness Doctor

A wellness doctor has specific roles when managing his or her patient’s health. These roles will help the patient age healthy. In doing so, the doctor and the patient will be practicing preventative medicine.Preventative Medicine Essay.


Managing Risk

Part of the wellness doctor’s role in managing the patient’s health is by being a lifestyle coach. Educating the patient to make healthy lifestyle choices and habits in nutrition and exercise is absolutely essential.


Only use a wellness doctor who has been certified. This means that he or she has passed a written and oral examination and is very knowledgeable in wellness management risks, as well as giving the patient a certain standard of care.Preventative Medicine Essay.

Full evaluation to show patient’s level of health

The patient will be evaluated, examined and a medical history will have to be given. The wellness doctor has to take some laboratory tests. Certain things like checking the endocrine hormone level to make sure such things as the thyroid is not over or under active, need to be done.

Other assessments that will be made are the risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer. The patient’s bone density, muscle mass and body fat will be evaluated. A cognitive evaluation will be given. The findings will tell the wellness doctor about the patient’s current health and how best to manage it now while preventing diseases in the future, as the patient ages.

The patient needs to let the wellness doctor know about any health issues and if prescription medications are being taken. He or she should not object to the patient continuing the medications prescribed, along with natural products.

Natural supplement choices

Eating natural, healthy foods and exercising are ways to help the body stay healthy. Sometimes, patients need some help. Their bodies may not be getting all the nutrients needed to stay healthy. As the wellness doctor manages the patients, he or she will be able to give really good advise on natural supplements needed such as organic selenium. It contains powerful antioxidants and is mainly found in plant foods.

In choosing a wellness doctor, ask if he or she works full time and how many patients he or she has. Experience is very important. It is the key, along with education, in practicing preventative medicine and managing a patient’s risks from disease.Preventative Medicine Essay.

Preventive medicine is serious medicine. Do not take choosing the wellness doctor lightly. He or she will be managing patients’ lives. It can have a positive effect on the body and life if the right wellness doctor is chosen.

Dr. Kempf graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in Lubbock Texas and is a highly respected and well rounded doctor in San Antonio, Texas. Her emphasis is on her patients’ wellness — getting healthy and staying that way!Preventative Medicine Essay.

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