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present a 1 2 page solution to the case project

Complete Case Project 5-1 from Chapter 5 of your eText. Make sure you include header information: Name, Class, and Topic Name. Present a 1-2-page solution to the Case Project. Feel free to include a diagram, illustration or picture that supports your solution. Include your references if sources are used and put them in APA format. Your solution should be formatted and easily readable. Make sure you present the case project (the problem), anything the audience should know and your solution (Research). Your solution should present your ideas, and how it overcomes the problem. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) to the assignment folder by the scheduled due date.

Problem (from eText)

Let’s say you have reconfigured a network using brand-new routers. You are not certain if you configured the most appropriate default gateway settings for your hosts. How can you use an analyzer to determine if your default gateway settings are appropriate?

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