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Persuasive Speech Blood Donation Research Paper.

Persuasive Speech Blood Donation Research Paper.


1. The purpose of this speech is to persuade people to donate blood and show why this is important.
2. There are many people in the hospitals who need blood transfusion services:
a. Women with pregnancy complications
b. Anemic children
c. Post-accident traumatized people
d. Cancer and surgical patients
3. There is expectation that more people will need blood transfusion services
a. Increased surgeries in the U.S.
b. Many people are joining the elderly group
c. Increased procedures during surgery calls for more blood.
4. The need for blood increases but the number of donors as well as the blood in storage has gone down.
5. Individuals reap much health benefits when they donate blood. These are health as well as physical benefits.
a. For self edification – it feels good to donate blood
b. It helps to save lives. You become a hero
c. It helps to ensure that there is blood as and when it is needed
d. There are other health benefits such as improving the body’s ability to replenish the blood supply, lowers iron levels in the body, helps in controlling instances of heart attacks, lowers the possibility of catching cancer
e. Helps the body to be more physically fit.
6. It is clear that blood donation is of great benefit to the society. It is a noble act that everyone should strive to accomplish.
Conclusion: there are many people who need blood but the blood supply in the hospitals is quite low. There is need to replenish the supplies and this can only happen if you and I take the bold step and donate.Persuasive Speech Blood Donation Research Paper.


Persuasive Speech on Blood Donation

As a nature of human beings, we are wired in such a manner that we have concern for others. We care about the well being of our relatives, friends and even countrymen. It is for this reason that I seek to encourage you to be a blood donor because this could help save the life of someone somewhere.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (1), there are different categories of people who need blood in the U.S. these include but are not limited to women who have pregnancy complications. They need blood in order to save both the mother and the new-born. Similarly, there are children who become anemic due to malnutrition or other diseases such as malaria. They are in dire need for blood. At times accidents do occur through which many people suffer from hemorrhage and post accident trauma. Lastly, there are surgical and caner patients who need transfusion services. Unless we are big hearted to give blood, then the lives of these people might be at risk.Persuasive Speech Blood Donation Research Paper.

The need for blood transfusion in America is bound to increase but the supply of blood is still on the lower margin (Hofstra University, 1). The requirement will increase due to the aging population who need the assistance. Secondly, the number of surgeries performed in the U.S on an annual basis has really increased. Similarly, the procedures involved in the surgeries have also increased. As such, if we do not donate the much blood that is needed, then we risk losing our loved ones while we have the preventive measures.

As an individual, there are a myriad of benefits that you enjoy when you donate – besides the free juice and snacks. For instance, there is a sense of self edification where you feel good after donating. You take a step in ensuring that blood is in supply as and when needed. As such, you become a hero to someone or even many people (It is surprising that you can save more than one lives from a single donation!) (American Red Cross, 1).Persuasive Speech Blood Donation Research Paper.

You also enjoy many health benefits when you donate blood. For instance, the act helps in improving the ability of your body to replenish blood, which helps you live a healthier life. It also helps you to lower the iron levels in your bloodstream which helps in bringing the iron balance. Lastly, it helps you to reduce the risks of getting diseases such as cancer and other cardiovascular diseases (Schuna, 1). This means that besides contributing to save the lives of many, blood transfusion is also a service to self. Why then should we hold from donating blood? There is no excuse.

In conclusion, I have shown you the reason as to why you need to donate blood; it is desperately needed. You also don’t know whether the blood you donate today could save your life in a later day since you do not know what will happen tomorrow. There are people lying in hospital beds with need for blood transfusion. These individuals are at risk of losing their lives if you and I do not take an action now. It could be your brother, sister, relative, best friend or neighbor. Would you let them die while there is an abundance of life running through your veins? Everyone needs a second chance in life; you could be holding the key to someone’s second lease of life. You need to donate blood.Persuasive Speech Blood Donation Research Paper.

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