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peer review 239

please do a peer review about the file I uploaded to you.


1) What is the argument/thesis? If it’s not obvious, then please state that “I don’t know what you’re arguing”

2) Do you see the connection between the thesis and the subject? Example: If I want to argue that Loner explores how sexual assault is endemic to college campuses, what scenes from the book and what outside sources am I using to nail that home?

3) Don’t worry about local concerns such as commas, syntax, grammar, etc. Rough drafts can be a mess at the LOCAL level, that’s fine. Think f more GENERAL concerns: is there an argument? is it clear? is it tied/attached to various internal and outside sources? How are these sources utilized? Most importantly, when you read your peer’s draft, do you have any sense what is happening? If you don’t please say so (politely)!

4) If you need metrics, try for at least 10 comments. Good, bad, I’m confused, anything like that.

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