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outcast-:23T_Mobile '3' 3217 PM @ '7 0' 7% |':'|' 4- 3-1 Lab3 Southern New Ham psiiihev University IT 330 Lab 3: Normalization Objective: Normalize

Lab: For this assignment, you will normalize the below Orders table to 3NF. Make sure to identify all the entities and their attributes, especially if you make any new items (such as entity or attributes). The following is a list of possible attributes for ORDERS; you may have more: ORDERS OrderNo CustomerNo CustomerName CustomerAddress CustomerCity CustomerState CustomerZip OrderDate ItemsOrdered Total Submit dependency diagrams for all entities you create. The following table is a sample of data, before ORDERS was normalized. Please start with the below table and then write out each dependency diagram as you move from 1NF to 2NF to 3NF. Show your progress and submit your final document with all dependency diagrams Diagram attached.

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