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opioid deaths by usa states

This assignment will be used to explore the number of opioid deaths in the US in 2016.

For this assignment, you will need to use the CDC data sets from (Links to an external site.)

Show the opioid deaths for each state for 2016.

Resources for the Assessment:

Tableau tutorial videos on “Visual Analytics”

CDC data sets from (Links to an external site.)

Another more comprehensive resource (not restricted to deaths by overdose) is CDC WONDER online databases (Links to an external site.)



BBA 430 Students,

The CDC database will de-prioritize our searches (for good reason).

I am not expecting a Tableau graph(s) from you this week.

Instead, show me the complete process for how you go about retrieving the data.

Write an MS Word document and provide screen shots from your use of the CDC screens. No output is required. Part of the course is gaining an understanding of how to access and use multi-industry datasets.

Any work that you do beyond this will count as extra credit. But, it may be a”fool’s errand” given how little CPU time we are likely to get.

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