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OL 326 Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric In this course, short papers will be used to explore the course content more deeply and to apply key…

I need help with these 3 short papers for my project. The files below are the rubrics and guidelines for the 3 short papers which will be answered separately.

Module Three Short Paper: Drug Testing of Employees.

In the 1980s, the federal government required drug testing from government contractors. Since then, a number of companies have adopted policies regarding drug testing in the workplace. Companies believe they need to do drug testing to promote a safe and efficient work environment. Others believe it is an invasion of privacy and what a person does at home should have no bearing on employment. Write a paper addressing the following questions:

1. Do you think that companies should perform drug testing on employees? Explain your rationale and provide specific examples, where applicable.

2. Is the safety of employees and overall efficiency of the company or the privacy rights of employees more important? Explain your decision.If you think drug testing of employees is appropriate, what human resource policies would you put in place to govern the drug testing? Explain.

If you do notthink that drug testing is appropriate, what obligation do companies have to make sure proper safety is maintained in the workplace?

Module Five Short Paper: Five I’s Strategic Analysis

For Lululemon, a yoga and fitness retailer, 2013 was a turbulent year.

Lululemon had a number of product issues and the CEO seemed to place the blame on customers rather than on the company.

The following websites detail the events of 2013:

 Lululemon Admits Its PR Disasters Are Hurting Sales

 Chip Wilson, Lululemon Guru, Is Moving On

 Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Issues Apology Following Thigh-Rubbing Pants Comments

Using the five I’s strategic analysis stages, beginning on page 52 of Business, Society, & Government Essentials, write a paper analyzing how you might use the five stages to help Lululemon deal with its strategic stakeholders to avoid future public relations issues.

Module Six Short Paper:

Minimum Wage In February 2015, Walmart announced that it is increasing wages to just over $10 an hour for all employees.

This wage is now substantially higher than the federal minimum wage but still below the $15 an hour rate recommended by many labor activist groups.

Review the following information on the recent wage changes:

 In Letter to Associates, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon Announces Higher Pay

 What You Should Know About Walmart’s Raise

 Walmart Lifts Its Wage Floor to $9 an HourIn a paper, respond to the following questions:

1. Do you think Walmart raised wages because of supply and demand in the labor market or because of the pressure of labor activist organizations? Explain your reasoning.

2. Do you think Walmart should raise wages to $15/hour to match what labor activists are calling for? Why or why not?

3. Should the government raise the minimum wage and if so, to what level?

Please support your answer. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in each short paper:

I. Main Elements. You have addressed all of the questions in the assignment.

II. Inquiry and Analysis. You show an in-depth understanding of the concepts covered in the assignment.

III. Integration and Application. You have correctly applied the concepts discussed in the module corresponding with the assignment.

IV. Critical Thinking. You have articulated a clear conclusion based on strong rationale.

V. Research. You have incorporated at least two outside references into the assignment.VI. Articulation of Response. You show appropriate grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization.

Thank you.

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