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oanda trading game fx trading

I already did the buy order and the sell order. all you need to do is write a 1-2 page paper explaining the profits. why did you choose that currency and what reasons made it currency go up or down. further will be explained below.

So i did the trade on EUR/USD. screenshots of the buy and sell are attached below also the GRAPH OF the EUR/USD market.

Steps to accomplish:

  • You’re required to make one currency trade and hold your position until 3/31, either sell or buy X currency (your choice of pounds, euros, yen, etc.). Make your trade by 3/15/2020.
  • Hold your position for 2 weeks; close your position by 3/31/2020.
  • Write a short report that includes the following (1-2 pages, prefer APA style but not required):
    • Name, date, class section (i.e. Finance 329 – Section XX)
    • Which currency you traded and why? – Here I’m looking at what was your thinking and expectations by taking a currency position (for speculation purposes).
    • Compute the profit or loss you incurred.
    • Include a graph to show your beginning position and your close (last) position.
    • Explain at least one event that occurred during your holding time that affected the value of your position (i.e. central bank changed rates, good/bad economic news, etc.)

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