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nutr 53 chapter 14 review

Respond to the following critical thinking questions: Each response should be thorough for maximum points.

1. What are the financial consequences of obesity and health insurance costs (premiums, expenses related to obesity)? Should thin, healthy people pay reduced health insurance premiums? Should heavy, ill people pay increased health insurance premiums? Discuss in no less than 5 complete paragraphs. – 10 pts

2. State four reasons why people should care about their weight in adulthood. Discuss thoroughly. – 5 pts

3. Do you think obesity is a “medical disease” worthy of mandated health coverage or merely a condition that can be modified with personal choices? Discuss in no less than 3 complete paragraphs. – 5 pts

4. Search the Internet for one interesting case study or research article on obesity and its related problems/concerns ( discuss in no less than 5 complete paragraphs). – 10 pts

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