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new product quot chicken sandwich for in n out quot 2parts product introduction overview and a s w o t ppt

Hello this is for my digital marketing class , for my part of this project i have to do the Product Intro/overview and the s.w.o.t for a new product we had to come up with which is a chicken sandwich for in n out burgers. In PowerPoint.

Presentation Rubric:

– Product Introduction/Overview (15 points)
– Competitive Climate (15 points)
– SWOT (20 points)
– Recommendation (30 points)
– Website/Video (10 points)
– Mechanics (10 points)



Presentation schedule will be posted in announcement.

This is a group project and it is intended to be a practical application of course content. The team will develop a new product/service and market it through an online store. There is no paper, you will present your product and store via PowerPoint and demonstration of your online store.

Criteria for selecting a product: “Chicken Sandwich for In n Out burgers”

  • Any type of product or service
  • Can be a new product or service for an existing business, i.e. a new coffee drink for Starbucks, new menu item for McDonald’s, etc
  • Its standing in the market.
  • Open an online store using your choice of free services of,,, etc.

Project Overview

You will act as a consulting firm and you develop a new product or service which you market it online via an online store and promote it through Social Media and other free avenues of online systems.


Each team must have its own unique idea of a new product or service. Two teams may not have the same product or service. Suggest that team leaders to hold a meeting to compare notes to ensure that there is no conflict. What strategies will be used.

Digital promotional strategy:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube your product
  • Online coupons, Groupons
  • Photos, graphics, illustrations of your products or services are expected to be included in your online stores.

Project Report

Your presentation should be made up of the following sections:

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION (15) – Introduce your product, its features, marketing elements.

COMPETITIVE CLIMATE (20) – Who are the main competitors and market shares.

SWOT ANALYSIS (20) – Present a formal SWOT analysis of the strategies.

RECOMMENDATIONS (20) – Why do you think that your product will sell? Which market segmentation are you going after?

DEMONSTRATION (15) – Demo of your online store/video.

MECHANICS (10) – Business attire, articulation, audience engagement.

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