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Name: HIS 114 Final Project Milestone Three Rubric

Milestone One

Thesis Statement:

The great depression left the worker with no mean of subsistence, Help from family, friends or community institutions were not adequate., and The government didn’t have any structure on place to provide proper assistant. all factor into that A creation of  a tax payroll system provide government assistant through diverse welfare program..

Event Description:

“The Great Depression, witch began in 1929, hit American hard. By 1933, more than a quarter of the population was looking for works. Farms, foreclosed upon by banks, were shutting down by the thousands”. (Trowbridge, 2016, p. 1.24)The U.S. Congress enacted the Social Security Act, originally called the “Economic Security Bill,” in August of 1935. The Act was aimed at giving older Americans a pension that would provide them with a reasonable standard of living as they aged. The Social Security Act was politically moderate. The agency created to administer these benefits was to be funded by both employees and their employers, as opposed to using funds collected from general tax money.  (Landon, 1936)AN ACT to provide for the general welfare by establishing a system of Federal old-age benefits, and by enabling the several States to make more adequate provision for aged persons, blind persons, dependent and crippled children, maternal and child welfare, public health, and the administration of their unemployment compensation laws; to establish a Social Security Board; to raise revenue; and for other purposes. (Social Security Act, 1935)


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