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modern dance 1

1. Of all the Modern dancers’ lives and dance styles I’ve mentioned, who was your favorite dancer? Perhaps their dance style appealed to you or their life story was inspiring . Please describe your favorite modern dancer, and say why they are your favorite.

2. Please reply to one of the following two posts, and be sure to add something new to the conversation besides just agreeing with them or complimenting their post.

post1: My favorite modern dancer is Merce Cunningham because his dance style was based on randomness/chance and I also liked how he was a rule-breaker of dance. What drew me to his dance style is that it has no rules and that you could express how you are feeling in that moment through your body movements. I also liked how his style was very random because some dancers interpret music differently so it was cool to see how others interpreted in their own way. I also can relate to Cunningham because he started off by dancing for Martha Graham’s company where he got all his training and I also started dancing at a dance company when I was a little girl. Another way I can relate to Cunningham is that he was most famous for being a rule breaker in dance and I feel like I as well am a rule breaker because when I dance I like to mix up different styles like hip hop and contemporary.

post2: My favorite modern dancer/choreographer is Elizabeth Streb. Elizabeth Streb created her own kind of modern dancing. She used action mechanics, to create extreme action in dance. This kind of dance involved trampolines, tumbling, jumping cords e.t.c. This is my favorite because it gives the definition of modern dancing a little kick. This dance style is more than just dancing, it is fast moving and will keep you at the edge of your seat. This kind of dance is known to take risks. This, in my opinion, makes the performance a lot more entertaining to watch. You do not know what will come next and will constantly keep you on your toes. This is the kind of entertainment that I enjoy watching, making Elizabeth Streb my favorite modern dancer.

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