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mini case no plagiarism

A minimum of three (3) resources, including scholarly journal articles are required for each report. The paper must be uploaded to Moodle. Prepare and assemble your paper as follows: • Cover sheet (Subject, Title, Course Number, Date and Name).

• Paper must be 750-word minimum, double-spaced (12-point font: Times New Roman). • The750 words do not include the cover sheet and references; only the body of the paper. • The paper must be written in “3rd person.” • No Abstract for this assignment. • Margins: Top & Left (1.0 inch); Bottom & Right (1.0 inch). • All references must be a combination of journal articles and internet sources. • Wikipedia is not considered to be a scholarly source by the academic community. • A Reference List is required. Writing Style: APA. • Plagiarism will result in a zero for the course

I have attached the Home Depot article. Please follow directions


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