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Milestone Two Hardware Components

IT201-Q6843 Milestone Two Hardware Components

Arely Martinez

Southern New Hampshire University



In this paper, I will discuss the best hardware, networking, and information security options for addressing my client’s, MilleniAds, technology needs. I’ve kept in mind the company’s overall end goal of staying within the $25,000 IT budget.I have investigated MilleniAds business needs and have looked at available PC innovation alternatives for adequately addressing those needs.

Hardware Components

MilleniAds needs the ability to store and manipulate digital images and output physical copies to their clients. The CEO wants to track inventory, sales deals, and overall expenses digitally. She also foresees only having around 12 accounts for the year and is pertinent we do not exceed our $25,000IT budget. It will be necessary to have a primary yet simple to use system for sharing data and files between co-workers.To store images, a graphics card can be used and a hard disk drive (HDD) can be used to manipulate them in a time efficient manner.SD memory cards, USB, and flash drives can also be used to store and transfer digital images.

Wireless network allows for easy accessibility but data is then exposed to potential threats.Several workstations will need to collaborate, meaning work files will be shared and transferred on a regular basis. A wireless network connection protects its data through Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption standard, making it reasonably safe as a wired connection.

A fast-central processing unit (CPU) and a good amount of random access memory(RAM) will be needed to assist with multiple processing devices running at the same time. Along with RAM, anHDD will also be included. HDD will provide added storage capabilities and its cost per MB is very cheap, so you’d essentially get more for your money. (TestOut) Unlike RAM which is considered temporary storage, HDD is permanent storage. (TestOut) HDD does come with its disadvantages, one being that, it’s an internal component within a computer. There are external enclosures but for the most part they are internal computer components. An example of high memory usage could be, graphic design software being utilized by creative directors and graphic designers, causing the system to slow down and make it difficult to meet deadlines. Most computer motherboards will include onboard components such as network cards, video cards, USB and Firewire connections. (TestOut) If needed, which I do foresee happening, expansion cards can help improve the computers capabilities in areas like, better quality graphics. Expansion cards will go into their respective expansion slot improving the computers graphic capabilities.

Power usage will be in high demand as well. With all the devices MilleniAds will be utilizing to conduct their day to day business a reliable source of power along with a universal power supply for added protection should help. A power supply will connect directly to your motherboard and provide DC power from the wall outlet.

            I make the following hardware component recommendations to resolve the above-mentioned issues:

  • Central processing unit
  • Hard disk drive
  • Random access memory
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Router
  • Firewall
  • Keyboards, mouse
  •  flash drives, USB’s
  • SD memory cards
  • Power supply


TestOut, “Testout Labsim Version 5.0.3.” TestOut Corporation, 2012. Web.

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