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Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

To hire and retain the best talents, Newton Ad Agency allows employees to work from home. This removes the constraint that employees have to live within commuting distance from the firm’s offices. Remote and mobile employees are provided access to the corporate network via a VPN client. The VPN client requires employees to have access to reliable internet services to allow for effective collaboration across teams, and for access to media content. The company provides all employees with a laptop with full disk encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), and antivirus software. The IT department manages all corporate laptops and has the ability to log into all systems for support. This means that all laptops are centrally managed by the one IT department.

You were hired as part of the Vision 2020 program and have been working at Newton for some time now. You have spent a considerable portion of your time troubleshooting and analyzing the organization’s computer network to keep it running smoothly. Your direct supervisor and lead network administrator have been very impressed with your skills and fast learning abilities. In order to determine if you are ready to take on more responsibility, you have been asked for your input in regard to the new office location setup project.

Newton is considering adding a new office and is exploring potential locations in Tacoma, Washington; Rochester, New York; or Fayetteville, North Carolina. Your task is to choose one of the possible locations and deliver a report to the team with key considerations and recommendations for the setup of the network infrastructure at the new office. This office will be home to 50 employees, including the new executive vice president of sales and marketing. All the possible sites have offices located on the third floor of an office building with access to fiber, cable, and T1 internet service providers. In addition to the standard network, the site must support live video teleconferencing calls with employees based at the other sites, as well as reliably send print jobs to billboard printers located in the satellite office in Austin.


Prompt: How would you approach setting up the network at the location you have selected, and what considerations are key in informing the systems and resources necessary to meet the organization’s needs and support the business goals and objectives?

For Milestone One explain the key considerations, or “must haves,” and constraints of the networking project at the location you have selected. Then, make a well-reasoned recommendation of LAN topology.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:


Guidelines for Submission: Your work must be submitted as a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting.

Critical Elements Attempted With Minimal or No Functional Issue (100%) Attempted With Significant Functional Issues (75%) Not Evident in Submission (0%) Value
Introduction Summarizes the key considerations of the project and identifies a new location Summarizes the key considerations of the project and identifies a  new location, but summary is cursory or inappropriate Does not summarize the key considerations of the project 20
LAN Topology: LAN Topologies Describes possible LAN topologies that could be used at the new location Describes possible LAN topologiesthat could be used at the new location, but description is cursory orcontains inaccuracies Does not describe possible LAN topologies 20
LAN Topology: Strengths and Weaknesses Compares identified LAN topology possibilities based on relative strengths and weaknesses in regard to support practices Compares identified LAN topology possibilities based on relative strengths and weaknesses, but comparison is illogical, lacking in detail, or contains inaccuracies Does not compare identified LAN topology possibilities 20
LAN Topology: Optimal Support Determines the appropriate LAN topology for the location to allow for optimal support practices, explaining reasoning Determines LAN topology for the location, but topology is not appropriate or explanation contains gaps in logic or accuracy Does not determine the LAN topology for the new location 20
Articulation of Response Submission has no major errors related to grammar, citations, spelling, syntax, or organization Submission has major errors related to grammar, citations, spelling, syntax, or organization that negatively impact readability and articulation of main ideas Submission has critical errors related to grammar, citations, spelling, syntax, or organization that prevent understanding of ideas 20
Total 100%
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