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mgt468 week 3 proposal for an organizational retention and motivation action plan

Part I Due Week Three: Project Proposal

For part I, select an organization for the project and submit 7 – 10 slides of PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

Name of the organization and the industry in which it operates

Names of your team members

A detailed overview of the workplace issue

Is this a departmental issue, or organization wide? (You may want to focus your project on one department of the organization, or as a whole)

Identification of the target audience, that is, people responsible for retaining and motivating employees.

List several organizational behavior issues that impact retention

List several organizational behavior issues that impact motivation

A brief summary of your suggested solutions

The PowerPoint presentation will need to be between 7-10 slides. You MUST use the notes section within each slide to further expand on your bulletin points and a minimum of THREE references to support your claims, thoughts, and statements.

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