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managerial accounting

Hi, I have a test at my managerial accounting and I need your help with  the following two questions 

Question 1:-

In an efficient capital market, the appropriate investment strategy is risk control, ________ and ________.?

A.low diversification; high turnover of securities B.high diversification; low turnover of securities C.low diversification; low turnover of securities D.high diversification; high turnover of securities

Question 2:

Monkile Company had retained earnings of $109,000 and total stockholders’ equity of $ 110,000 at the beginning of 20X1. During 20X1 the company had net income of $29,000, declared and paid cash dividends of $14,000, and had other comprehensive income of $19,000. Monkile Company neither issued nor bought back shares in 20X1.


Compute the retained earnings and total stockholders’ equity at the end of 20X1.?Compute the stockholders’ equity at the end of 20X1?
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