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literature review on clinical topic 1000 words

I can extend one more day if time is not enough.

Total of 8 attachements. There is an attachment assignment qns – its about what I need to do. The flowchart template in the slide is a PRISMA diagram(at lecture 2-last slide). This assessment is a follow up with my Assessment 1.

What I lack at my assessment 1 is-

slide 2: problem review: I need backgound of local data , nationwide data & worldwide data, need justifications and more literature with references.

slide 3:


Why use cinahl? proquest? medline? & manual search? need to justify

•keywords such as diff type of diabetes eg: type 1& type 2 etc..

-using free text systems


YEARS-need to justify, Y take 10 years (2010-2020)?

– is it treatment change?

References please take within 10 years.

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