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literature review assignment 13


Dr. Jun Zhao

English 1102

Augusta University

Spring 2020

Write a literature review to synthesize the sources you have so far for the researched argumentative paper. Unlike the annotated bibliography, literature review should be written in an essay format, with an interesting title, a clear thesis statement (of what you get out of the sources, and how they serve your topic), and how the sources talk to each other (what each source is about, what similar points can be seen among sources, what differences are discussed in sources), and your overall interpretation of the sources as the conclusion. Please refer to the sample literature review when you work on this assignment.

Length: 3-4 pages, double space, Font 12

MLA citation format.

Due: 4/1, 2020

I attached below my researched argumentative paper, because the paper you will write it has to be related to this topic.

I also attached the argument assignment instructions (I don´t want you to do this one) but I think you will need them to understand what is she asking for the literature review assignment.

Thank you.

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