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letter of complaint assignment

After finishing module six, use these (document below) to complete this assignment, the post your final draft here.

screenshots will be provided

scoring is based off of…

1. Letter is addressed to a specific person who has the power to do something about the situation. 10 points

2. Organization is simple and clear, describes the situation and the complaint, and is requesting a specific action. 10 points

3. Request made that is clear and possible to fulfill. 10 points

4. Conclusion is clear; sufficient and adequate reasons are given. 10 points

5. Topic chosen involves challenge of self-control. (Not a routine letter returning a defective product.) 20 points

6. Language does not blame, make guilty, or cause defensiveness. 10 points

7. A final connecting statement is made, requesting, but not demanding, a response within a stated period of time. 10 points 8. No distracting errors of punctuation, sentence structure, spelling. 20 points

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