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java code

I need help creating a java code. The code must contain two classes

As a zookeeper, it is important to know the activities of the animals in your care and to monitor their living habitats.

build monitoring system that does all of the following: 

Asks a user if they want to monitor an animal, monitor a habitat, or exit

Displays a list of animal/habitat options (based on the previous selection) as read from either the animals or habitats file (Animal and habit list will be at the bottom)

Asks the user to enter one of the options from the animal or habit list that was shown

Displays the monitoring information by finding the appropriate section in the file

Separates sections by the category and selection (such as “Animal – Lion” or “Habitat -Penguin”)

Uses a dialog box to alert the zookeeper if the monitor detects something out of the normal range (These will be denoted in the files by a new line starting with *****. Do not display the asterisks in the dialog.)

Allows a user to return to the original options

You are allowed to add extra animals, habitats, or alerts, but you may not remove the existing ones. 


Details on lions
Details on tigers
Details on bears
Details on giraffes

Animal - Lion
Name: Leo
Age: 5
*****Health concerns: Cut on left front paw
Feeding schedule: Twice daily

Animal - Tiger
Name: Maj
Age: 15
Health concerns: None
Feeding schedule: 3x daily

Animal - Bear
Name: Baloo
Age: 1
Health concerns: None
*****Feeding schedule: None on record

Animal - Giraffe
Name: Spots
Age: 12
Health concerns: None
Feeding schedule: Grazing


Details on penguin habitat
Details on bird house
Details on aquarium

Habitat - Penguin
Temperature: Freezing
*****Food source: Fish in water running low
Cleanliness: Passed

Habitat - Bird
Temperature: Moderate
Food source: Natural from environment
Cleanliness: Passed

Habitat - Aquarium
Temperature: Varies with output temperature
Food source: Added daily
*****Cleanliness: Needs cleaning from algae
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