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IT 315 Final Project Part I Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric Overview: Throughout this course, you will develop the skills required of a software…

IT 315 Final Project Part I Solution Submission Template



This template is a guide for you to organize your information. Some information may be too large or too small for the area in which it is intended. Resize or rearrange the area as necessary.

1. Generate your student information system (SIS) use case diagram. Copy and paste your diagram here:   SIS Use Case Diagram:                        
Using this use case description template, provide a description for each use case in your use case diagram:   Use Case Name:   ID:   Importance Level:   Primary Actor:   Use Case Type:   Stakeholders and Interests:   Brief Description:   Trigger:   Type:   Relationships:   Association:Include:                Extend:                Generalization:   Normal Flow of Events:     SubFlows:     Alternate/Exceptional Flows:         Use Case 1 Description:     Use Case 2 Description:     Use Case X Description:    
2. Verify and validate your use case diagram and use case descriptions against the SIS requirements definition:        
3. Explain your approach to the problem, the decisions you made to arrive at your solution, and how you completed it:        
4. Reflect on this experience and the lessons you learned from it:        
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