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IT 145 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric Overview:

need a pseudocode …..only ….any pseudocode need attached in the ms word doc .

Overview: The purpose of this milestone is to prepare for your final project submission in Module Seven. For this milestone, you will be drafting the pseudocode that you will submit as part of your final project. Remember to revisit the pseudocode you create in this module before you submit your program and final project. Also take note that if your program differs from your pseudocode plan, you will need to document and explain this when you complete final project. Prompt: Prior to participating in this discussion, complete the ZyBooks activities for this module. These activities will allow you to pick up a few of the skills needed for this milestone. For this assignment, you will be selecting one of two options presented to you in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document. This will be the basis of the program you will create for your final project. Create the pseudocode for that program with the skills you have gained throughout 

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