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Project topic is Toyota in japan

QUESTION:Submit a paper discussing the following: Who are the critical stakeholders involved in this negotiation? What are their roles and priorities? Explain the role and position of each of the stakeholders and describe how their interests may differ depending on cultural considerations. What measures will you have to take to ensure all stakeholders will be satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation? This milestone will inform your final project.

key :how will an american negotiate in japan 


We explored the importance of understanding the stakeholders in a negotiation. When researching the other party, it is important to gain an understanding of who the relevant stakeholders are. Some questions to ask include the following: Who are the decision makers? Who are the opinion leaders? How do I gain access to them? What are their interests in this negotiation? How will an agreement affect them personally? Are there stakeholders outside the company that have power to influence the negotiation? The answers to these and other questions should be used when considering who should be sent to negotiate. The negotiating team should usually be composed of people with similar rank and expertise as the key stakeholders so they can address their questions and build relationships that form the basis of long-term partnerships. They should have proper cross- cultural skills and have the authority to be flexible with offers, make decisions, and close the deal when the time comes to do so.

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