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input output function

I need help with some code that I am working on.

#include <iostream>//header file for input output function


using namespace std;//it tells the compiler to link std namesapce

int main()

{//main function

int input,first_die,sec_die,total,count=0;//variable declaration and assignment

const int LOW = 1;

const int HIGH = 6;

cout<<“Enter the number between 2 to 12 :”;

cin>>input;//key board inputting

if(input<2 || input>12)


cout<<“Please enter the number between 2 to 12″<<endl;



do{//do while lop

first_die = rand() % (HIGH – LOW + 1) + LOW;//rand function to get random values

sec_die = rand() % (HIGH – LOW + 1) + LOW;

cout<<“First die value”<<first_die<<endl;

cout<<“second die value”<<sec_die<<endl;

total=first_die+sec_die;//total of 1st die and sec die




cout<<“no of tries=”<<count<<endl;

return 0;  


I keep getting errors for undefined code.

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