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Implementing Change

Implementing Change – A Funding Conundrum: Choosing to Fund Over or Under Nutrition.

You have been hired by the Department of Global Diplomacy as a nurse consultant to assist in deciding how best to distribute funding from a new grant.  A generous philanthropist has donated a large sum of restricted funds to address nutritional issues in Asia.  Through a needs assessment, the nutritional issues have been identified as over-nutrition and under-nutrition (previously known as obesity and malnutrition).

Unfortunately, while generous, the donor only earmarked enough funding for one large scale project. The USDGD has identified that the logistics would prevent the money from covering a program that could address both under- and over-nutrition. Your role as nurse consultant is to tell the agency whether over-nutrition or under-nutrition should be funded. When creating change there are many factors to consider: economics, cultural barriers, feasibility, and need.  Another very important factor is overall public good or benefit to the target population.  In two to three paragraphs, state which program you would advise to fund and create a robust statement supporting your reasoning for this advice.  Would it be more beneficial for the country to address over-nutrition or under-nutrition?

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