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I need the following: Prompt- Harrison Kirby runs a local golf course with a shop of around 150 products.

I need the following:

Prompt- Harrison Kirby runs a local golf course with a shop of around 150 products. He wants to have a website that will facilitate e-business for his golf course. He wants online scheduling of tee times (including coordination of group play), online shopping, and social network integration. One difficulty of moving a small business from a traditional retail store to an online store is channel complications. Everything must be reconsidered. For example, how will he communicate with his customers? How will they find product information? How will he accept orders? How will he manage payments and shipping? These questions and many more have kept Kirby from making the e-commerce plunge.Below you will find a letter from Kirby explaining what he would like you to do:Dear Intern,I have an interesting project for you. I am interested in an online presence for my golf shop. Specifically, I want to offer a few (less than 150) products online for in-store pickup or delivery. I would also like online scheduling of tee times.I want you to research the web for companies that provide this type of product. Ultimately, you may recommend a combination of providers to accomplish all that I am trying to do. For example, your final recommendation may include a web hosting solution, logistics provider, and a CRM(Customer Relationship Management) tool. Or, perhaps you will find a product that can be customized to provide all the functionality in one piece.Keep in mind that my shop is a small business, and I do not have resources to manage a complicated system. I need something that is fairly easy to implement, use, and manage. I have heard of online, cloud, as-a-service platforms that do not require local hardware. I think that this type of  setu[ would be most useful to me, but I have no idea what type of software I should use to support my business.After you complete your research, as the first step in this process, please send me a report with the following critical elements

:1. Overview of the companies you learned about

2. Profile of your selections and the reasons you chose them

3. Summary of why you believe this will help me accomplish my goals

Sincerely,Harrison Kirby

Note: You should incorporate at least three sources into your report; one source should be the textbook. Use paraphrasing and direct quotations to help demonstrate the concepts and support your perspectives.

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