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Reference the Module Four Practicing HTML Table and Form Concepts tutorial to add tables and forms to edit a webpage file.

2. Zip and submit the completed Mod4 subfolder to Blackboard.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Create a table with rows and columns on your website.

A. Add bold formatting to a row and column in the table.

B. Utilize the SPAN tag to merge columns.

II. Add a feedback form to your website.

A. Add three text fields.

B. Add a question with radio button responses.

C. Add a submit button. Guidelines for Submission: You must submit the zipped folder you created as a result of this activity, including all of your files for your webpage.

I have attached the zip file and the PDF of whats need to be done. code is provided in the zip file.

  • Download Attachments:
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