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home work 4 qustions

Problem 1 and 2 for Lesson 14 Impact Section 15-4

Problem 1:

The 5.5-Mg pickup truck and 2.5-Mg car are traveling with the velocities shown just before they collide. If the coefficient of restitution between the truck and car is e =0.75 compute the velocities and the loss of energy due to the collision.


Problem 2:

Blocks A and B have a mass of 15 kg and 25 kg, respectively. If B slides on the surface for which µk = 0.4 has a velocity of 15 m/s when S=7m from A. If the unstretched spring has a stiffness k = 1200 N/m, determine the maximum compression of the spring due to the collision. Take e = 0.80.

Prob 2.jpg

Problem 3 and 4 for Lesson 15 Rigid body kinematics section 16-1-2

Problem 3:

The bucket is hoisted by the rope that wraps around a drum wheel. If the angular displacement of the wheel is θ = (20 t + 2t ^3) rad, where t is in seconds, determine the velocity ,acceleration and the distance it travels in three seconds.

Prob 3.jpg

Problem 4:

Pulley A starts at ωA0 = 5.5 rad/s when θ =0, and is gives an angular acceleration of α= 0.95θ rad/s2 where θ is in radians. Determine the magnitude of acceleration of point B on pulley C when A rotates 4 revolutions. Pulley C has an inner hub which is fixed to its outer one and turns with it.

Prob 4.jpg

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