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HIS 113 Final Project Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric Overview:

Journal C of Station No. 2 of the Underground Railroad, Agent William Still (excerpt), June 2-29, 1855

(1) June 2/55

Arrived— Lewis Chiles1 arrived per Sch. 2 From Richmond. Brought by Cap. _____ Had been owned by Lewis Hill. His business was to hire out servants. Lewis Chiles is stout, 6ft high, fine look dark chesnut color intelligent &c Had been used pretty well with the exception of having been sold several times.

He left on the 23rd of Ap. and had been meeting with obstructions up to Last Sunday night. Paid $25–. for his passage. Left a wife, Louisa, slave.Knews nothing of her husbands intentions of leaving.


June 11/55

Arrived. (4) David Bennett, new name Henry Washington,3 and wife Martha, & their two children. Oldest, Geo., youngest 1 month old without a name— From Lowdon Co. Aldee P.O Had been owned by Capt. James Taylor his wife was owned by Geo. Carter.

The wife’s master was the owner of only two, but a most brutal man. Flogging Females when stripped naked was common with him. Martha had been stripped and flogged shamely after her marriage. David is about 32, his wife about 27, two young children. All hail and “likely” &c

June 19/55

Arrived. (2) Henry Washington new name Anthony Henley, safely arrived from Norfolk where he had been held by Seth March, a mild tempered man. Was excessively close, in money matters however, allowing Henry only $1.50 a week to pay his board and find his clothes for th his wife therefore he could do nothing for. Henry is turned of 50, dark, intelligent well made&c. Left a wife. named Polly.— Henry left to purely because he was allowed no priviledge to do any thing for his wife. Had not been treated very ruffly .

Henry Stewart also came in company with the above named individuals He left Plymouth N.C. left about a week since. Is 23 yrs of age dark, very intelligent and active, and had been hired out


for $182– Dols. per year. Would bring in the Market $1500. Had been owned by James Monroe Woodhouse, Farmer. A moderate man, dident flog, but would not give a slave a cent of money, scarcely, upon any consideration. He left a wife, Martha Bell, and two children, Mary Ann&Susan Jane. He was obliged thought it most prudent not to tell his wife of his designs to escape. Had procured a pass to go to Norfolk, for a week.

(5) June 22/55

Arrived. Wm Nelson and Susan his wife, and his son Wm Thomas; also Louisa Bell&Ellias Jasper, all arrived from Norfolk, per Capt. B.

Wm. is about 40, dark chesnut, medium size, very intelligent, member of the Methodist Church, under the charge of the Rev. Mr. Jones. His owner’s name was Turner & Whitehead.wh with whom he had served for 20 yr’s in the capasity of “Packer”. He had been treated with mildness in some respects, though had been very tighly worked, allowed only $1.50 per week to board & clothe himself and family upon. Consequently he was obliged to make up the balance as he could. Had been sold once one sister had been sold also. He was prompted to escape because he wanted his liberty—was not satisfied with not having the blpriviledge of providing for his family, His value $1000–. Paid $240– for himself, wife & child &Mrs Bell.4

Susan is about 30, dark, rather above medium size, well made, good looking, intelligent &c, and a member of the same church to which her husband belonged. Was owned by Thos. Bottimore with whom she had lived for 7 yr’s. Her treatment had been a part of the time had been mild, the marriage of her master however made a change, afterward she had been treated badly. Her master to gratify his wife constantly threatening to sell her. 4 of her Sisters had been sold away to parts unknown years ago. Left Father & mother, 3 Brothers & one sister. Still in Verginia , living about 100 miles from Norfolk. $1000 was the demand of the owner for Susan & her child 22 mos. old.

Louisa Bell is the wife of a free man. is about 28 chesnut color, good looking, intelligent, genteel, and a member of no church. Was owned Stassen by L. Stasson, Confectioner. [Her] lot had been terrible on account of the continual threats to sell her. Had once been sold, had also had 5 sisters sold besides her Mother. Th Louisa was oblige to leavetwo of her children behind. a boy 6 yrs& a girl 2½ yrs —the boys name was Robt.& the girls Mary. Her husband, James Bell. is to come on.

Elias Jasper is about 32 yrs , stout dark, well featured, very gifted with his tounge& hands, had worked at the following trades, Rope Making, Carpentering, Engineering, Chair Making Painting, Mechanist &DeDegaurreotyping , at which calling he was emplyoy employed when he left.5 For several yrs he had been in the habit of hiring his time for which he had paid $10. per month. In learning the above trades so he was obliged to gain the insight by his own ingenuity, paying occasionally for a lesson. His Master’s Bayham, a retired gentleman. Had been sold once. Had suffered by various exposures, by flogging, envy,&c. Left a wife, Mary, but no child. Was not at liberty to inform her of his scheme to leave. She is owned by Mrs the Miss. Portlock‘s. Has been used tolerable well. pays $55– per year, washes &c.


He is a member of the Methodist Ch. Often heard his mPaster preach up obedience to the slaves. Value $1200–

(1) June 23/55

Mrs. Maria Joiner arrived per Capt. F., is 33 yr’s of age, Molato,6 a fine hearty looking, and intelligent woman. Left a her husband, and one Sister. The name of her husband was Peter Joiner, the Sister, Ann. Had not been badly treated until lately, after the death of the old Master. when she fell into the hands of his daughter who drank and was very abuseful. using great violence. For this she was induced to leave. For 8 mos she was kept in private quarters where she suffered severely from Cold &c. Owner, Catherine Gordon Value $800–

June 29th 1855

Arrived— (2) Richd Greennew name Wm Smith& his Bro. Geo. arrived from Baltimore where they had been owned by Geo. Chambers. Richd is about 25, his Bro. Geo. 23, both are well made, rather tall, dark chesnut& color, &intelligente They were caused to escape because they had been denied the priviledge of going to visit their Parents any more.

The master, about 30 yrs ago when living in Cabot Co. released Dinato her husband (the mother of those boys) of all claim, and gave her writings signed, & witnessed by his wifes Mother, Mary Ann Meed. The masters motives in releasing her however for was merely to get out of M. of her; Dina being in misrable health with no signs of recovery was a fit subject in the master’s opinion to Set free. He was particular to give the paper of release to So in case the law should requirehim to look after her he would be prepared for his defence.

Dinna was then the wife of a Slave by the name of Jacob Green, then owned by Nathan Childs for a term of years only— After the Father’s times expired, he moved with his wife, Dinna, to Baltimore, where her health, in the course of a few yrs improved, and she became the Mother of another child, boy. The boy grew finely in the hands of his parents, unmolested, until a little over a year ago when her old Master got wind of the existence of the child, (having himself moved to Baltimore with his Slaves,) and very slyly to approach the house taking Geo. with him. He was no sooner in before he wished to know of Dinna whose child was this, pe pointing to the little boy. Ask Jacob was the reply of the Mother, the question was then put to the Father, to which he replied: I did not think that you would request any thing like that of him. he had the priviledge of

any one he pleased in his house. “Where is he from” inquired the Master. He is mine replied the Father. “I have a right to have who I please in my house I I am my own man &c: “[Well?] replied the slave hunter, I found out whose it is presently I am going to take it home with me seizing the little fellow, at the same time ordering Dinna to put itshis clothes on, The father by this time had also seized the bo his son, and told the slave holder to take [notion?] that he was not in the Country pulling an hauling people about &c. “I will have him or leave my heart blood in the house, was the savage answer of the Monster. He also threatened to shoot the Father. In the mids of the excitement Geo called in two officers to settle the difficulty. The officers inquired of the slaveholder to know what he was doing there. “I am after my rights, ans’ed thehe answered. this boy” ans’d the Master. Have you ever seen it inquired the officers. No, said the the Master. How


do you know he belongs to you, then”? I believe he is mine” said the savage. All they were then taken before an alderman, Before the aldern The Father owned the child but the Mother did not The child was then given to its Father. The Master then thought he would gain some satisfaction at least, then claimed the Mother, proceedings being thrown in Court nearly 1 year transpired before It the trial was concluded. Happily, however, by the Mothers having carefully preserved herher the release given her, the Court pronounced her free, about two mos. since

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